After-Death Care/Vigils

What is a Home Funeral?

According to the National Home Funeral Alliance:

“Home funerals occur when a loved one is cared for at home after death, giving family time to gather and participate in: 

  • planning and carrying out after-death rituals or ceremonies 
  • preparing the body for burial or cremation by bathing, dressing and laying out for visitation 
  • keeping the body cool with noninvasive techniques, such as ice 
  • filing the death certificate and obtaining transport and burial permits 
  • transporting the deceased to the place of burial or cremation 
  • facilitating the final disposition, such as digging the grave in natural burial 
  • hiring professionals for specific services.”

Funeral Celebrancy

Our life is our story. We are a collection of births, transitions and deaths that reveal our story. Ceremonies and rituals offer our communities a chance to come together to reflect and acknowledge these cycles. As a celebrant I have been trained to officiate, compose and perform personalized ceremonies for individuals and families.

As a certified Life-Cycle® celebrant I will:

  • Deeply listen. Learning from you, I will take the time to listen to stories and reflections shared by family and friends.
  • Personalize. We partner together to create a ceremony that reflects your loved one’s personality, lifestyle, character and values.
  • Collaborate. We will work together to create a personalized eulogy that may include quotes, music, symbols and rituals.
  • Keep communication clear and bright. All aspects the ceremony will be approved by the you before the ceremony is delivered.
  • Welcome all. The ceremony will reflect the beliefs, values, wishes and cultural background religious or non-religious of your loved one and your family.

Fees (Fair Energy Exchange)

My fee varies based on the type of ceremony and the amount of preparation involved. The range is typicaly $350-$500.  I offer a free 30-minute consultation so we can learn about each other and see if we’re a good fit. Please send me a note if you’re interested.

End-of-Life Education

Whether you or your group would like to learn more about Green Burials, Home Vigils/Funerals or Creating Ritual and Ceremony, I can customize it to fit your needs. I currently do workshops, presentations, Film screenings and offer Individual and Group conversations.

My clients have included:

  • Seward Co-op Members
  • Minnesota Hospice and Palliative Care
  • Crescent Cove Pediatric Hospice
  • National Home Funeral Alliance
  • North Memorial Hospice
  • Tergar Meditation Community
  • Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church
  • Sierra Club
  • Episcopal Homes


Public Offerings and Fees:

One-hour introduction to Home Funerals includes

  • What is a home funeral
  • History of funerals in North America
  • Your legal rights
  • Costs
  • Environmental benefits
  • Special Considerations
  • Fears or concerns
  • Creating community around Home Funerals

$150.00 non-profit or group / $250 corporate

*I charge an additional $.60 per mile for destinations 20 miles or more outside of Saint Paul

1 hour introduction to Green Burials

  • What is a Green Burial
  • Current Burial & Cremation practices
  • Environmental concerns
  • Conservation Burial, Green Burial, Hybrid Burials
  • Green Cremation
  • Green Burial Containers

$150.00 non-profit or group / $250 corporate

*I charge an additional $.60 per mile for destinations 20 miles or more outside of Saint Paul

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