After Death Care/Vigils

Bringing a hands on approach to after death care through support, education and empowerment

  • A home funeral guide provides the education and support you need to honor your loved ones, including practical advice, hands-on assistance, and access to additional resources regarding body disposition.
  • A home funeral, also referred to as a family directed funeral, is a celebration of a departed loved one that takes place in a familiar space in a manner that reflects the life and values of the deceased and the people who care.
  • It involves the family or friends in the washing, dressing, and laying out of the body for viewing.
  • It is legal in the state of Minnesota to care for your loved one at home after death.
  • Home funeral practices are compatible with most faith traditions.

Funeral Celebrancy

Our life is our story. We are a collection of births, transitions and deaths that reveal our story. Ceremonies and rituals offer our communities a chance to come together to reflect and acknowledge these cycles. As a celebrant I have been trained to officiate, compose and perform personalized ceremonies for individuals and families.

As a certified Life-Cycle® celebrant I will:

  • Deeply listen. Learning from you, I will take the time to listen to stories and reflections shared by family and friends.
  • Personalize. We partner together to create a ceremony that reflects your loved ones personality, lifestyle, character and values.
  • Collaborate. We will work together to create a personalized eulogy that may include quotes, music, symbols and rituals.
  • Keep communication clear and bright. All aspects the ceremony will be approved by the you before the ceremony is delivered.
  • Welcome all. The ceremony will reflect the beliefs, values, wishes and cultural background religious or non-religious of your loved one and your family.

End of Life Education

Whether you or your group would like to learn more about Green Burials, Home Vigils/Funerals or Creating Ritual and Ceremony, I can customize it to fit your needs. I currently do workshops, presentations, Film screenings and offer Individual and Group conversations.

My clients have included:

  • Seward Co-op
  • National Home Funeral Alliance
  • North Memorial Hospice
  • Tergar Meditation Community
  • North Memorial Hospice
  • Saint Mary’s Episcopal Church
  • Sierra Club
  • Episcopal Homes

Some people are surprised to know that:

  • Conventional Burials are chosen by over 50% of the American public. It is estimated that in the U.S., cemeteries bury 90,000 tons of steel in coffins, 30 million board-feet of hardwood and 750,000 gallons of toxic embalming fluid.
  • In the twin cities area, there are currently five cemeteries that do not require vaults for burial.
  • You are not legally required to be embalmed to have a public viewing.
  • It is legal for friends and family members to prepare a body for burial or cremation by washing, dressing and laying out for a visitation/funeral.
  • In 2011 $554 billion was spent on Health Care. Medicare spent 28%, or about $170 billion on patients’ last six months. End-of-Life Care: A challenge in terms of costs and quality.
  • Advanced Health Care Directives provide physicians and caregivers guidance on how to proceed if you become unable to direct your own medical care.


Public offerings and Fees:

1 Hour introduction to Home Funerals includes

  • What is a home funeral
  • History of funerals in North America
  • Your legal rights
  • Costs
  • Environmental benefits
  • Special Considerations
  • Fears or concerns
  • Creating community around Home Funerals

$75.00 non-profit or group / $250 corporate

*I charge an additional $.60 per mile for destinations 20 miles or more outside of Saint Paul

1 hour introduction to Green Burials

  • What is a Green Burial
  • Current Burial & Cremation practices
  • Environmental concerns
  • Conservation Burial, Green Burial, Hybrid Burials
  • Green Cremation
  • Green Burial Containers

$75.00 non-profit or group / $250 corporate

*I charge an additional $.60 per mile for destinations 20 miles or more outside of Saint Paul

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