Our Life is Our Story

Allow Me to Support, Guide and Educate You on Yours

These videos were produced by Gary Binger of Hold Tight Video who specializes in creating one of a kind videos for memorials, milestones, and modern memoirs.

If the world is to be healed through human efforts, I am convinced it will be by ordinary people, people whose love for this life is even greater than their fear. People who can open to the web of life that called us into being.

— Joanna Macy



A Ceremony is a way to name and claim a transition in your life by stepping out of the ordinary and into the sacred. The inherent nature of ceremonies to heal, strengthen and support us throughout our lives. Let’s co-create a ceremony that honors your journey in a heartfelt, creative and sincere way.

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Free 30 Minute

No obligation phone or video call to understand your needs and how I can best serve you an(add and take out an) set the intention for your ceremony.   Based on our conversation, I will establish a quote and send you an estimate of my services.

Intake 90 Minutes

We will schedule a time to meet in person “preferred” or online to understand your story and begin to build the design elements to your ceremony by using your words and ideas.  I will provide guidance for options and advice for readings, rituals and musical selection.  We will sign an agreement and you make a deposit for my services.

Drafting the Ceremony

I will create a personalized ceremony to include all the components that were agreed upon at the initial intake. This is your ceremony and we will make any alterations as needed till you are completely satisfied.  During this time you have access to call or email me to discuss ceremony details.

Cost of ceremonies range from $350 to $500
*prices vary based on the size of the ceremony, as well as its design and scope. There is also a travel fee for locations outside of the Twin Cities Metro Area.

As a Certified Life-Cycle® Celebrant I Will

Deeply Listen.

Learning from you, I will take the time to listen to stories and reflections shared by family and friends.


We partner together to create a ceremony that reflects your loved one’s personality, lifestyle, character and values.


We will work together to create a personalized eulogy that may include quotes, music, symbols and rituals.

Keep communication clear and bright.

All aspects of the ceremony will be approved by you before the ceremony is delivered.

Welcome all.

The ceremony will reflect the beliefs, values, wishes and cultural background, religious or non-religious, of your loved one and your family.

Ceremonies Offered

  • Expectant parents
  • Birth
  • Transitioning into adolescence
  • Leaving for college
  • Mother’s Day ceremony for those without mothers
  • Weddings
  • New office
  • Moving out of an old home and into a new home
  • Returning from war
  • Returning to the community after time away
  • Healing ceremonies for those experiencing a unique transition, such as someone going into cancer treatment
  • Retirement and moving into a new phase of life
  • Death anniversaries

Death Educator

Death and dying are a part of life that can oftentimes cause fear, anxiety or straight-up denial.  I believe that embracing death as a natural part of life and planning for it in a thoughtful and meaningful way is essential to living and dying well. Though dying is not optional, the way we live and relate to death is.  

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“Death is a part of life and integral to our wholeness as humans. Exploring the way you live and die can be healing, life-affirming and empowering.”


Caring for our Own~ a return to European death rituals and ceremony
Home Funerals~ the practical and the sacred
Planetary Grief and Loss
Holding Space for life and death

Cost: Varies

90-minute Talks

Creating personalized altars and rituals
Intro to Home Vigiling
Green Burials 101
Bridging hospice and After death Care

Cost for a 90-minute talk is $250 and $175 for non-profit or community group  

I have spoken to 1,000’s of people locally and nationally and believe that education is an necessary part of re-orientating ourselves towards a society that honors and respects all life.
Through candid storytelling, refection and practical information, I offer a space for you to safely explore some of these topics.

* I am dedicated to making public events accessible to all.
Please talk to me if the cost is a barrier.

$125..00 non-profit or group / $250.00 corporate
*I charge an additional $.60 per mile for destinations 20 miles or more outside of Saint Paul


Home Vigil Guide

Caring for a loved one after death is a sacred experience and time-honored practice.  Whether it’s several hours or up to 3 days (legal in the state of Minnesota you can extend the time you have with your loved one to allow for space to begin the transition of saying goodbye, allowing for grief to flow, and mark this threshold with love, honor, and compassion.

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Vigils Include

Initial intake prior to death
Creating sacred space
Washing and anointing
Basic safety measures
Keeping the body cool

Cost: $350-$500 depending on your needs.  I am also available for phone consults at $85/hr

*I am trained to educate, demonstrate and guide you through this process.
I am unable to provide the same services that a licensed mortician has. If you are seeking a licensed mortician I am happy to refer you to one.


Hold a home vigil. A vigil is a time when family and friends come together to sit with the body of the deceased. It may last from one to three days, and often involves prayer, readings, candles, and flowers. Vigils offer a time for reflection, acceptance, communion, and peace.


Family members may choose to wash, dress, and prepare the body for viewing. This can be a way of honoring and respecting their loved one.

Home Vigils

A home funeral, also known as a family-directed funeral. is a celebration of a departed loved one that takes place in a familiar space in a manner that reflects the life and values of the deceased and the people who care.
Our life is our story. We are a collection of births, transitions and deaths that reveal our story. Ceremonies and rituals offer our communities a chance to come together to reflect and acknowledge these cycles. As a celebrant I have been trained to officiate, compose and perform personalized ceremonies for individuals and families.

— Anne Murphy

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