In 2013 I started to hold the question, “what is mine to do in the world?” Sensing that there was something yet to be discovered. At the time I was working at home, raising our two wonderful children and volunteering when anybody said the words “Anne, we need…….” “I think you’d be really good in this position……” “would you be willing to xyz…” I would imagine some of you know what I’m talking about. I felt a nudge and needed to find the space to discover what that was.

I was seeing a therapist at the time who knew of my quest and challenged me to let goof all of the nonessential things that I had volunteered for. NO WAY, I said, who would I be then if I didn’t say yes? I told her that I would think about it and did……for six months. Then one by one, I let things go and it worked.

“What is mine to do?”

During a meditation no too long after, I asked the question “what is mine to do?” and the response was, “do healing work and work with the dying”. And at that moment I knew that was it, clear as the blue sky. Grateful, I went on a journey seeking those who were doing end of life work talking to hospice and social workers, chaplains, nurses, and friends That spring I saw an advertisement that named​​Frank Ostaseski ​​as the keynote speaker at the upcoming ​Minnesota Hospice and Palliative Care Conference​ and I signed up immediately.

Walking into the conference that morning was both excited and scared. I found a place to sit with another woman who I had met going in. Frank came on to the stage and began to talk. Immediately I found myself enrapt with what he was sharing and knew that these five invitations would be the foundation of my work regardless of what direction I would take. Seven years later, I have cultivated my practice and offer our community ceremony, education and companioning. I now know what is mine to do.

“A Homecoming”

Fast forward seven years later I continue to do what is mine to do with more confidence and gratitude than ever. I continue to speak and write publicly, co-found the Minnesota Death Collaborative and continue to further deepen my relationship with death and am always learning from my clients, colleges and friend. in 2018 Frank returned to the MHPCC in 2019 to speak. Looking around I greeted friends, colleges,and teachers who I have met over the years. It was a homecoming of sorts and one that I continue to return to.

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