“Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven.”

Rabindranath Tagore

In many indigenous cultures, trees are a symbol of our connection to heaven and earth. This ritual is found throughout the world and has been adapted from a ritual created by Sandra Ingerman. 


What you need

  An open, respectful, humble and loving heart

  A tree that you feel connected too

  Ribbons to tie loosely around a tree branch

  An offering for the tree (water, herbs, poetry, song, food)

It’s good to have a relationship to nearby tree either in your yard or wood glen in your neighborhood.

Ask the tree for permission and the willingness to carry your prayers up to the universe.

Thank the tree by offering a song, prayer or loving thoughts.

Call in any helper spirits (ancestors, guides, allies, elementals) for support.

Tie the ribbons loosely around the branch as you speak out loud or silently, any prayers for yourself, others or for the planet. Ask the tree to carry your words up to the universe, spirit, so that your prayers, dreams are realized back on earth.

Visiting the tree either in person or in your mind creates a healthy connection. You can continue to build this relationship by leaving gifts, prayers, songs, written words for both personal and planetary healing.  You can leave them on a branch or on the ground.

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