Thank you for this past year and the challenges and joys that it brought. Thank you for all of the adjustments made, realizations and strengthening that happened. May we be up for the task to carry what needs to be brought forth in this new year and let go of the rest. Thank you for this new decade. The opportunity to start anew with the curiosity of heart, mind, and soul. May the adventure begin! Help us be awake, ready and willing to participate fully in life and to be aware when we find ourselves passively standing by when action is called for.Help us to see ourselves clearer this year as we refine our hearts through the compassion of self and others. And when we are not seeing clearly, may we allow ourselves the time to be curious about what may be blocking our sight. As the fog lifts,may a new landscape appear for us to discover.May we humble ourselves to the everyday people, experiences and teachers who will move in and out of our lives this year with great admiration and gratitude. Allow us to sense when to be gracious and when to practice good boundaries.

Help us to remember who we are and why we are here and when we forget, may we find ourselves seated on the earth to listen to what she has to say. May our earth mother unlock those places of forgetfulness, misunderstandings, and disconnection so that we can heal and become whole.May we plant our intentions, dreams, and visions like seeds; with excitement,determination, guidance, and trust. Help us to expand and strengthen our soul’s purpose through serendipity, magic, and an occasional miracle. May we be supported by our well ancestors, allies and helper spirits to cultivate a life that we know is possible and may our efforts benefit all beings for this generation and the generations to come.

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