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 What I remember most about girl scout camp were the opening and closing ceremonies.  We sat on benches around a crackling fire, each holding a candle. At the opening ceremony we were buzzing with nervousness and excitement, wondering about the week to come and whether we would make friends.  The spirited counselors sang to us and performed silly skits. By the end of the week we were flush with joy, tears welling up at the thought of leaving.   

It felt so life-affirming.  Every one of us was enchanted. It was so simple and powerful, using song and fire to honor our transitions.   

I still feel like a camper sitting by the fire.  It’s the same feeling of joy. There’s a sense of village life: living in cooperation, recognizing when people come and go, telling stories about who we are and who we’re going to be, letting nature be our teacher.  There’s a unity in ceremony: a connection, a way forward, a feeling. I’ll be a lifelong apprentice to the teachings of ceremony.  

I bring strength, beauty, and balance to the work that I do, so that people can feel completely supported through their experiences.  The sacred thread pulling me through each day is to walk in service to all that nurtures and regenerates life. 

I live close to the riverbanks of the Mississippi in St. Paul, Minnesota, with my dear husband, two children, and our dog Luna.  I love to play the guitar; I prefer hugs to handshakes; I sing in a community choir; and I love swimming in lakes and walking at night.

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